Ghoomar Dance

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Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance synonymous with the Indian state of Rajasthan (Earlier Rajputana). The dance is performed by women with elan and grace and includes swaying movements, accentuated with elegant traditional outfits. It has gained a lot of recognition and has been ranked as one of the world’s best local dances. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Ghoomar Dance Of Rajasthan – Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance Group / Troupe ( घूमर डांस नृत्य – राजस्थानी लोक नृत्य )

घूमर नृत्य व इतिहास  : यह राजस्थान के लोक नृत्यों का सिरमौर है। घूमर नृत्य ‘लोकनृत्यों की आत्मा’ कहलाता है, मांगलिक अवसरों पर किया जाने वाला नृत्य महिलाओं द्वारा किया जाता है। इस नृत्य में बार-बार घूमने के साथ हाथों का लचकदार संचालन प्रभावकारी होता है। राजघरानों में होने वाले घूमर में नजाकत-नफासत अधिक रही, वही प्रभाव अन्य जातियों के घूमर में भी आया है। आजकल प्रत्येक सरकारी-गैर सरकारी कार्यक्रम के शुभारम्भ का यह अंग बन गया है।  यह राजस्थान का ‘राज्य नृत्य’ बनकर उभरा है।इस नृत्य में लहंगे के घेरे को घुमाया जाता है। जिस कारण से घूमर कहते हैं। घूमर के साथ आठ मात्रा के कहरवे की विशेष चाल होती है, जिसे सवाई कहते हैं। यह राजस्थान का राजकीय नृत्य है। यह नृत्य मारवाड़ व मेवाड़ में राजघराने की महिलाओं द्वारा गणगौर पर किया जाता है। यह पुरुष रस प्रधान नृत्य है। इसे सिरमौर नृत्य व नृत्यों की आत्मा कहते हैं। यह गरबा नृत्य की तरह किया जाता है। शेखावाटी में इसे लूर कहते हैं। घूमर के साथ आढ़ मात्रा पर कहरवे की विशेष चाल होती है जिसे सवाई कहते हैं।

यह तीन प्रकार का होता है-

  • घूमर– साधारण स्त्रियों द्वारा किया जाता है।
  • लूर– राजपूत स्त्रियों द्वारा किया जाता है।
  • झूमरिया– यह बालिकाओं द्वारा किया जाता है।
  • झूमर – यह हाड़ौती का प्रसिद्ध नृत्य है जो महिलायें करती हैं।

|| म्हारी घूमर छै नखराली ऐ माय || घूमर रमबा म्हे ज्यास्यां ओ रजरी  ||

Ghoomar is a traditional women’s folk dance of Rajasthan, India which was developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted by other Rajasthani communities. It is performed by groups of women in swirling robes, and accompanied by men and women singing together. This folk dance gets its name from ‘ghoomna’, the pirouetting which displays the spectacular colors of the flowing ‘ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women. There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women folk twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. Their measured steps and various graceful inclinations of body, beating palms or snapping fingers at particular cadences while singing some lilting songs.

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Ghoomar Dance is a traditional folk dance of the Bhil tribe performed to worship Goddess Saraswati which was later embraced by other Local Rajasthani communities. The Ghoomar dance is chiefly performed by the veiled group of women who wear flowing dresses called Ghaghara. It was ranked 4th in the list of “Top 10 local dances around the World” in 2008. The dance typically involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle. The word ghoomna describes the twirling movement of the dancers and is the basis of the word ghoomar. According to the traditional rituals, a newly married bride is expected to dance the ghoomar on being welcomed to her new marital home. Ghoomar Dance is often performed on special occasions, such as weddings, festivals, and religious occasions. which sometimes lasts for hours.
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Ghoomar is a traditional as well as an enthusiastic folk dance of Rajasthan. Ghoomar or Ghumar was basically developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted by other Rajasthani communities. The Ghoomar dance is particularly a women’s dance and is performed by women for exclusively ladies’ gatherings. Ghoomar dance is performed by groups of women moving in a circular fashion and in swirling robes accompanied by men and women singing together. This spectacular folk dance derived its name from ‘ghoomna’. Fascination starts when the colors of the flowing ‘Ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women flows during pirouetting. There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. This splendid view feels the body with enthusiasm and more when one joins the dance.

Ghoomar Dance, People, Performance

Ghoomar sometimes called Jhumar, can be joyfully performed by women from any age group as it has simple swaying movements. Its specialty is its special kind of footwork. There is no time limit for this folk dance as it may continue for hours or the whole night.
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Dancers performing Ghoomar moves in a circular direction with clockwise and anti-clockwise steps and in between performers sometimes unite their hands and even clap their hand. Synchronization of steps with the beats of the songs is important and as the tempo of the dance increases, the dancers swirl fleetly. 

History of Ghoomar Dance

The popular Ghoomar Dance in Rajasthan India is known to be the characteristic dance of the Bhil tribe. The Kachhwaha Clan of Rajputs who ruled Jaipur defeated the Bhils and later acceded to peaceful coexistence. It is, therefore, normal that the royalty would pick up some of the Bhil traditions and practices. From then it gets associated with the royal ladies of Jaipur, who perform it on certain auspicious occasions.

Now it is performed on festive days in middle-class families in Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota–Bundi areas. In Udaipur, it resembles the Garva of neighboring Gujarat and is very musical. In Jodhpur, the movement of the limbs is jerky. The Ghoomar of Kota-Bundi is very lively and impressive. The tune of the song which accompanies this dance is melodious and catchy. 
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Graceful Ghoomar Dancers: A Cultural Delight for Your Udaipur Wedding Event

Celebrate the grandeur and elegance of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage at your Udaipur wedding event with the enchanting performances of Ghoomar dancers. Ghoomar, a traditional Rajasthani folk dance, is a captivating spectacle that celebrates the essence of femininity and grace. By incorporating Ghoomar dancers into your wedding festivities, you infuse your event with the beauty and charm of Rajasthani traditions.

As the Ghoomar dancers step onto the stage, adorned in vibrant traditional attire, they exude a sense of regal poise. The dance, characterized by graceful twirls and intricate footwork, weaves a tapestry of captivating movements that leave the audience enthralled.

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Ghoomar is not just a dance form; it is a celebration of Rajasthan’s cultural heritage and the resilience of its people. The dancers’ performances are a living reflection of the state’s royal legacy, transporting guests to the era of majestic courts and palaces.

The Ghoomar dance is a visual delight that captivates the senses with its rhythmic beats and colorful spectacle. The twirling skirts and the clinking of anklets add an element of traditional charm to the ambiance, making the event truly unforgettable.

The performance of Ghoomar dancers is a delightful blend of tradition and entertainment, making it a perfect fit for a Udaipur wedding event. The elegance and beauty of the dance captivate the hearts of all present, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of your special day.

Our expert team ensures that the Ghoomar dancers’ performances are seamlessly integrated into the wedding celebrations. From the grand entry of the bride to the reception celebrations, every moment is adorned with the grace and beauty of Ghoomar.

Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes and the epitome of royalty, provides the perfect backdrop for the cultural extravaganza of Ghoomar. The dance, steeped in tradition and heritage, resonates with the regal charm of Udaipur’s majestic venues.

Embrace the allure of Rajasthan’s cultural heritage and let the captivating performances of Ghoomar dancers elevate your Udaipur wedding event to new heights of cultural celebration. Your guests will be entranced by the enchanting dance, making your wedding an extraordinary and cherished memory for years to come.