Kachhi Ghodi Dance

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Kachhi Ghodi Dance For Welcome/Stage Show In Events ( कच्छी घोड़ी डांस नृत्य )

कच्छी घोड़ी नृत्य : यह राजस्थान के शेखावाटी क्षेत्र तथा कुचामन, परबतसर, डीडवाना आदि क्षेत्रों में विवाहादि अवसरों पर व्यावसायिक मनोरंजन के रूप में किया जाने वाला अत्यंत लोकप्रिय वीर नृत्य है। इसमें वाद्यों में ढोल, झांझ, बाकियाँ व थाली बजती है। सरगड़े, कुम्हार, ढोली व भांभी जातियाँ इस नृत्य में प्रवीण हैं। यह नृत्य कमल के फूल की पैटर्न बनाने की कला के लिए प्रसिद्ध है। चार-चार व्यक्तियों की आमने-सामने खड़ी पंक्तियां पीछे हटने, आगे बढ़ने की क्रियाएं द्रुतगति से करती हुई इस प्रकार मिल जाती हैं कि आठों व्यक्ति एक ही लाइन में आ जाते हैं। इस पंक्ति का बार-बार बनना व बिगड़ना ठीक उस कली के फूल की तरह होता है जो पंखुड़ियां के रूप में खुलती हैं। इसमें लसकरिया, बींद, रसाला तथा रंगमारिया गीत गाए जाते हैं। कच्छी घोड़ी में नकली घोड़ों का प्रयोग किया जाता है। यह पेशेवर जातियों द्वारा मांगलिक अवसरों पर अपनी कमर पर बास की घोड़ी को बांधकर किया जाने वाला नृत्य है। आज इसने व्यावसायिक रूप धारण कर लिया है।

It is believed that the Kachhi Ghodi dance originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. Generally, the dance is performed for the entertainment of the bridegroom`s party. Dancers are ready with elaborate costumes that resemble as if they are riding on a dummy horse. It is a vigorous type of dance. It also uses mock fights and the brandishing of swords, nimble sidestepping, and pirouetting to the music of drums. During the performance, a ballad singer sings & exploits the bandit Robin Hoods of Rajasthan. Men in elaborate costumes ride the equally well-decorated dummy horses. However, they hold naked swords in their hands and move rhythmically on the beating of drums and fifes.

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A Royal Welcome: Exquisite Kachhi Ghodi Dancers for Your Event

Step into the world of Rajasthan’s colorful folk traditions and welcome your guests with the mesmerizing performances of Kachhi Ghodi dancers. Kachhi Ghodi is a vibrant Rajasthani folk dance that blends storytelling, music, and vibrant costumes to create a lively and captivating experience. By incorporating Kachhi Ghodi dancers into your event’s guest welcome, you ensure a warm and culturally enriching reception for your esteemed guests.

As the Kachhi Ghodi dancers arrive, bedecked in elaborate and traditional attire, the rhythmic beats of the dholak and the resonating sound of the ghodi (stuffed horse prop) set the tone for a grand entrance. The performers’ energetic and colorful movements portray tales of valor and celebration, creating an ambiance of festivity and cheer.

The Kachhi Ghodi dance is a spirited expression of Rajasthan’s martial traditions, harking back to the times of valorous horseback warriors. The graceful movements and synchronized dance steps of the performers add a touch of royal elegance to the welcome ceremony.

As your esteemed guests arrive, they are greeted with a lively and interactive performance by the Kachhi Ghodi dancers. The dancers’ engaging presentation invites guests to join in the celebration, making them feel a part of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage.

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Our team of Kachhi Ghodi dancers is highly skilled and dedicated to preserving the authenticity of this folk art form. Their performances are not only visually stunning but also steeped in cultural significance, providing your guests with an immersive experience of Rajasthan’s vibrant traditions.

The Kachhi Ghodi dance is a perfect fit for a variety of events, from weddings and corporate functions to cultural festivals and private celebrations. Its universality and exuberance resonate with guests of all backgrounds and ages, fostering a sense of unity and joy.

Embrace the cultural charm of Kachhi Ghodi dancers and let their captivating performances welcome your guests in true Rajasthani style. The energetic dance, the vibrant costumes, and the tales of valor unfold a royal welcome that sets the stage for a memorable and cherished event for all who attend.

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