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Wedding Musical Phere

The wonderful event of the wedding is planned in heaven and executed on earth. When two hearts come together to live a life together by making the two hearts to be one, friends, relatives, kith, and kin arrive at the occasion to take part in the bash. It is a divine moment with bliss that everyone would want to enjoy.
On the wonderful occasion of marriage, these days people include various celebrations like parties, music, sangeet, dance, and other related stuff to make the wedding event more memorable and joyful than expected. Once all is set, when it is time for Phera, in which Vedic mantras are chanted in the wedding process, except the immediate family members, others start to leave the place to enjoy the dinner as they feel boredom.

To ensure that Pherais not boring hitherto, we perform musical Phera at weddings, to make the event more colorful without missing the ancient or Vedic wedding ritual. The fusion of music with traditional Phera makes the wedding more glorious than expected.

The Vedas and the Hymns of traditional Hindu marriage will be performed with music by experienced musicians. Our expertise in musical Phera has been a great addition to many wedding events in and around the city. With astounding knowledge of musical Phera and knowing the importance of performing the wedding rituals of India, our Musical Phera group brings the rituals lively to the auspicious wedding event. We consider this a great privilege to be a part of the wedding, making the event true to what is told in the ancient Vedas.

Indian weddings are the epitome of glam. The bright colors, the longstanding traditions, and the music make them a feast for all of the senses. Choose us as a medium to make your “Memories Personified” for your magical moments. We perform in the events like Musical Phere, Maayra Bhaat, Haldi & Mehendi & many more. Our experience of performances always leaves a mark on our guests which makes it the more unique spirit of an Indian wedding.

Musical Phere

Saat Phere, the important part of the Hindu wedding is for the bride and groom to walk around the holy fire together and the couple lights the fire and prays for a happy future, using the fire to pass on their prayers to the various Hindu deities. 

We have come up with a new concept where Udaipur Corporate Event Management would be conducting the pheras in a musical way by keeping their religious importance & make the couple & audience understand the meaning of each vow. Here is our showreel for Musical Phera’s

Maayra Bhaat

Maayra Bhaat is a traditional ceremony often seen in Marwari weddings where The mother of the bride/groom hosts Bhaat Nyotana, a celebration with her side of the family (the maternal side) to formally invite them to the wedding. The occasion sees joyous festivities post which all her relatives give her gifts in a ritual that is called Bhaat Bharna. It has lots of traditional folk music & dance, making it more memorable with the presence of Udaipur Corporate Event Management. Here are some videos of our Bhaat performances.

Haldi & Mehendi

There are lots of other beautiful occasions at our weddings where Udaipur Corporate Event Management performances can make it entertained the audience with her charming & melodious voices like Haldi, Mehendi, Groom Entry & Bride Entry, Teej, etc.