Wax Hands Rajasthan India

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Wax Hands is a fun, unique and innovative way to embrace the memories from your event. Let your event stand out with this great addition!

Professional, Energetic and Skilled staff is dedicated to making your event both fun and unforgettable for you and your guests many years to come. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

People always look for a unique and fun activity that can be performed on occasions like get together, Christmas or new year party, and corporate events and places where both kids and adults get entertained like amusement parks and malls. Tambola, Lucky 7, Painting the pot, and many others are not so in, also both kids and adults together are now bored with these activities. But one fun activity that is so in these days, which entertains both adults and kids is Wax Hands Activity. As the name of this activity suggests, the hand is made of wax in size, shape, and design of the person performing this activity. All that this individual needs to do is dip his/her hand in wax and then wait for a few minutes to get a proper mold. This amusing, entertaining, and interactive activity is quite famous internationally but one dynamic personality who introduced this internationally celebrated activity in India is Udaipur Corporate Event Management.