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चरकुला डांस|Charkula Folk Dance|Mayur Dancers

Charkula Folk Dance, Uttar Pradesh
Charkula dance form is an integral part of the cultural background of the Braj area in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Charkula dance form dates back many centuries. Many legends are connected with the origin of the Charkula dance. These dances are performed dedicated to the popular Hindu God, Lord Krishna. Veiled women dances to the rhythm of ‘rasiya’ which are songs dedicated to Krishna and his consort Radha. According to one legend, the mother of Radha rushed outside to give the news of the birth of Radha while carrying charkula or oil lamps on her head. Another legend related to the birth of this dance is based on the story of Krishna’s ‘Govardhan Leela’ where He lifted the Govardhan hillock and held it on his finger to save the villagers from the wrath of the Rain God, Indra.

The Charkula dance is performed in the auspicious days mainly on the third day of Holi, which according to popular belief is the day Radha was born. Girls in long skirts and colorful blouses cover their faces with veils. The performers carry a large vibrant colored circular wooden pyramid on their heads while dancing. These wooden pyramids have 108 lighted lamps. These are known to be the charkulas. This also signifies the lifting of the Govardhan Hillock by Krishna which is re–enacted by the milkmaids of Mathura. The movements of the dancers are limited due to the heavy load on their heads. Still, they manage to synchronize with the beats of the drums and the tune of the song with graceful moves like gliding, bending, and whirling.

Mayur Dance – Mayur Nritya – Mor (Peacock) Dance

Mayur dance (Nritya) comes from an era of love between Krishna & Radha. This dance belongs to the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. In that Radha, pinning for Krishna after a brief separation decides to console herself by the sight of peacocks, whose feathers, Krishna wears on his crown, at the Mor Kuti Pavillion. Krishna Knowing her mind from afar, playfully causes the peacocks to disappear, leaving Radha distraught. He eventually yields to Radha’s entreaties and himself appears in the guise of a peacock to dance with his beloved.

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Immerse yourself in the colorful and vibrant traditions of Rajasthan with our exquisite Mayur Dancers for your Haldi wedding ceremony in Udaipur. Celebrate love, joy, and new beginnings with this mesmerizing dance form that pays tribute to the graceful peacock, the symbol of beauty and prosperity.

Mayur Dance, also known as the Peacock Dance, is a captivating folk dance that originates from Rajasthan. It is performed during auspicious occasions and wedding ceremonies, especially during the haldi ceremony, to bring good luck and blessings to the couple. The dancers emulate the majestic movements of the peacock, displaying its beauty and charm through rhythmic footwork and colorful attire.

Our Mayur Dancers from Udaipur are skilled artists who have mastered this traditional dance form. With their vibrant costumes adorned with peacock feathers and intricate jewelry, they bring the spirit of the peacock to life, infusing your haldi ceremony with a touch of regal elegance and cultural richness.

As the music fills the air with joyous beats, the Mayur Dancers will enthrall your guests with their graceful movements and synchronized steps. The performance will create an enchanting ambiance, captivating everyone present and adding an element of grandeur to your wedding celebrations.

The Haldi ceremony is a joyous occasion filled with love, laughter, and blessings. The Mayur Dance is a perfect way to enhance the celebratory spirit of the event, making it an unforgettable experience for the couple and their loved ones.

Booking our Mayur Dancers for your Haldi wedding ceremony in Udaipur is a seamless process. Our team will take care of all the arrangements, ensuring that the performance complements the overall theme of your wedding and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Create lasting memories of your Haldi wedding ceremony in Udaipur with the captivating and enchanting performance of our Mayur Dancers. Let the graceful movements and vibrant colors of the peacock dance bless your new beginning with prosperity, happiness, and love. Contact us now to book our talented Mayur Dancers and make your haldi ceremony an extraordinary and culturally enriching experience that will be cherished forever.

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