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Event Management of Theme Parties that are popular for people of all ages. When someone invites you to a party, you always ask “What’s the theme?” No one has ‘plain Jane’ events anymore where the guest are just expected to put on their Sunday best, eat appetizers and dance to boring music. Event planners caught on to the trend and now plan corporate and nonprofit parties with themes. Before getting into what it takes to have a successful theme party, let’s examine some of the hottest trends:
Topics of Theme Parties

Casino Night

The increased popularity of poker has made Casino Night one of, if not the, most popular theme

for all sorts of events. Charities use them as fundraisers. Participants purchase tokens that can be ‘cashed in’ for prizes.

Mardi Gras

These parties can be held any time of the year—not just at Mardi Gras time. What makes these parties so popular are the decorations — colorful beads and costumes set a festive mood.

Pick a decade

Just a few years ago, the 50s were the most popular party them. Who could request poodle skirts, leather jackets and “Rocking Around the Clock?” But as the population has aged, the 50s have been surpassed by the 70s and 80s. Disco balls and bell bottoms are fun accessories. And the 80s brought colorful shorts and big hair—on both the men and the women!


Pop superstar Michael Jackson can take much of the credit for bringing spooky back into style. More than 25 years after the release of “Thriller,” many parties and events are based on that popular music video. Beyond the thrill the popularity of horror and slasher films give party goers a chance to be spooky. But costume parties don’t have to be scary. Princesses, knights, cowboys and all sorts of strange animals have made their way to Halloween parties. What goes into creating a successful theme party?

Be careful which theme you choose
An organization that largely caters to seniors may not want to choose a Halloween theme. However, partygoers may jump at the chance to try their hands at the casino tables. All generations will enjoy a trip back in time but all generations may not enjoy a Mardi Gras party. Consider the guest list when deciding which theme will be great for the perfect party. If possible, take a formal or informal survey of potential guests.

You must decorate
What is a Halloween party without a few spider webs and spooky ghost hanging around? And can you honestly have a 70s party without a disco ball (or several) hanging from the ceiling? If you are on a budget, finding great decorations can be challenging. Don’t limit yourself to the party store down the street. The Internet has a wealth of online stores that have great decorations at the price. Don’t take on the task of decorating all alone. Form a committee and make decorating the “party before the party.”

Stay with the theme from the beginning
Find invitations that are suited for what will happen the night of the party. Serve foods that coincide with the theme. This is easy if you are doing a Halloween theme because there are many ideas in magazines and books. If you are having trouble figuring out ‘theme foods’ keep it simple. Have a cake (or several depending on the crowd) that reflects the theme. You don’t even have to make it—order it from a local bakery. Finally, be creative and create your own theme. If the members of your organization love a television show, create a theme party around that show. Have the guests come dressed as their favorite characters. Your themes are only limited by your imagination.

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