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तेरहताली नृत्य|Terah Taali Dance Rajasthan |Terah Taali Rajasthani Folk Dance

तेरहताली नृत्य राजस्थान का प्रसिद्ध लोक नृत्य है। कामड़ जाती द्वारा किया जाता है। इसका उद्गगम पाली जिलेे के पादरला गांव से माना जाता हैं। लललल के ताल और पारवती के लय से ताल शब्द बना है । कामड़ जाती की स्त्रियाँ शरीर पर तेरह मन्जीरे बान्ध कर इस नृत्य को करती है। पुरुष रामदेव और हिन्ग्लाज के भजन गाते हैं। यह लोक नृत्य परम्परा से कामड जाती करती आ रही है।यह राजस्थान का एकमात्र नृत्य है जो बैठकर किया जाता है।इसमे 9 मंजीरे दाहिने पैर मे,2 मंजीरे कोहनी पर तथा 2 मंजीरे हाथों मे पहने जाते हैं। रामदेव जी के मेेले मे यह किया जाता हैं।

इसमे नर्तकी अपने मुह में तलवार या कटार दबाकर नृत्य करती है जो हिंगलाज माता का प्रतीक है।

Udaipur Corporate Event Management We provide Tera Talli (Rajasthan) Dance Group/Troupe throughout India. Tera Tali Dance is another famous folk dance From Rajasthan. It is performed by two or three women of the ‘Kamar’ tribe. The women folk sit on the ground while performing the Tera Tali which is an elaborate ritual with many other rituals in it. An interesting part of the Tera Tali dance is tying of metal cymbals (Manjiras) to different parts of the body, mostly on the legs. The Tera Tali dancers hold cymbals in their hands and strike them in a rhythmic manner. On many occasions the women clasp a sword in between their teeth and balance a decorative pot on their head.

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तेरहताली नृत्य (Terah Taali Nritya) is a traditional folk dance form that originates from the state of Rajasthan, India. It is a unique and captivating dance performed mainly by women during special occasions, festivals, and cultural events. The name “Terah Taali” literally translates to “thirteen cymbals” in Hindi, referring to the musical instruments used in the dance.

The Terah Taali dance involves women sitting on the ground and holding small cymbals (manjiras) in their hands and ankles. The performers create intricate rhythms and patterns by striking the cymbals together in various combinations while also using their feet to strike the cymbals on the ground. The dance is accompanied by traditional folk songs, and the movements and cymbal beats create a mesmerizing and rhythmic performance.

If you are looking to include the Terah Taali Nritya in your event, it will add a unique and cultural touch to the occasion. The dance is a beautiful representation of Rajasthan’s rich heritage and traditions, and it will surely captivate the audience with its vibrant and rhythmic display.

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To arrange a Terah Taali Nritya performance for your event, you can contact local event management companies, cultural organizations, or dance academies that specialize in traditional Rajasthani folk dances. They can help you find skilled performers who can deliver an authentic and captivating Terah Taali dance performance for your event, making it a memorable and culturally enriching experience for all attendees.

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