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Shahi Lawazma

Shahi Lawazma for Wedding in Udaipur

A royal wedding requires a warm and special welcome. We cater to your needs for the Royal welcome at the wedding. We provide you with a number of options for Royal welcome for the wedding to choose from. Rajasthani Wedding Lawazma for the wedding to receive the guests who are dressed up in Shahi Rajasthani colorful costume Dresses. Shahi Lawazma in wedding Udaipur

The groom usually goes in a grand procession to the bride’s place. He sits on a decorated horse with Lawazma. Although you want to have the best grand entrance possible at your wedding reception, keep in mind that there is no need to go over the top. All eyes will be on the bride and groom anyway, so it is best to keep it straightforward, yet memorable.

So stand out on your special day and flaunt style in a classic way. In India, the Wedding Baggi (wagon) and Ghori in the wedding is not a bygone era talk. Now also groom prefers Baggi and Ghori to marriage. The decoration is optional, but a better solution is to do it on your end according to your preferences. A grand wedding is now about to go out with elephants and camels in the lead with jhoomer light, Punjabi Dhol, Tasha, Phul wale Chattar, Shehnai, Rajasthani folk dancers, and fireworks enchanting all. People enjoy that type of scheme. These dhol and dancing add life to the wedding.

Udaipur Corporate Event Management offers various entertainment activities and stalls to make your celebrations unforgettable. Our team strives for perfection in every possible way because your happy moments make us more happy. These entertainment activities will make your celebrations more happier and memorable. 

We provide Lavajama-related services like Elephants (Haathi), Ghodi (Ghori), Decorated Camels, Wedding Lights, Royal Baggis (with two, four, and six horses), Shahi Jhoomar Lights, Bridal Palki- Doli, Shehnai, Wedding Dhol Wala Tasha, and Shadi Atish Bazi. We also have a special arrangement for Doli- Baggi- chariot. We cater to all requirements of lawazma in Jaipur, for special occasions like Shobha Yatra, Public displays & gorgeous processions. We Specialized in Organizing Shahi Royal Weddings with top-class services. We offer Special arrangements for the: –

  • Aatish baazi
  • Brass Band
  • Baggi With Four Horses (White)
  • Baggi with Two Horses
  • Baggi With One Horse
  • Bankya
  • Bhangra Party
  • Decorated Camels
  • Doli for Girls with Four Persons
  • Dhol-Taasha
  • Flower (Floral ) Decoration
  • Lighting Jhumar Set
  • Kacchi Ghodi With Three Persons
  • Kathputali Puppet Dance
  • Light Set
  • Music Langa Party
  • Lawajama
  • Mirror Baggi with Two Horses
  • Punjabi Dhol wala
  • Paalki with four persons
  • Revolving Stage
  • Shahi Palki
  • Shehnai Players
  • Tasha Players
  • Victoria Baggi Old Years with Two Horses
  • Vintage car on rent
  • Welcome Girls

A royal wedding requires a warm and special welcome. We cater to your needs for the Royal welcome at the wedding. We provide you with a number of options for Royal welcome for weddings to choose from. We provide wearing Rajasthani welcome girls for weddings to receive the guests, who are dressed up in elaborately embroidered colorful costumes. These welcome girls receive the guests with Perfume spraying and rose petal shower or tilak on the forehead

We have a team of attractive young female welcome girls who receive the guests at the entrance. Along with this, we provide very special Rajasthani welcome services for our esteemed clients. Satisfactory and cost-effective services have always been our key point and will remain so.

  • Elephant
  • Ghodi
  • Camel
  • Baggi
  • Doli – Palki
  • Lawajama
  • Brass Band
  • Royal Welcome
  • Bagpiper Band
  • Dhol And Bhangra
  • Lights
  • Rajasthani Folk
  • Safa Bandhai
  • Shehnai
  • Vintage Car

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During the vidai ceremony, the bride is accompanied by her parents and associates, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house. Before crossing the doorstep, she throws back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head, into the house. This symbolizes that the bride is repaying her parents for all that they have given her so far.

The father of the bride takes her to the car or the Doli and hands her to the groom. After this he requests him to care for her and to forgive her for any mistake, guiding her constantly through their marital journey

Indian weddings are huge colorful affairs full of song, dance, laughter, and spirituality, however, there is also the realization for the bride and her family that she will be leaving her home forever to make a new life in her husband’s house. These emotions erupt at the end of the wedding ceremony when the bride is bid farewell by her family and friends.

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