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  • Elephant
  • Ghodi
  • Camel
  • Baggi
  • Doli – Palki
  • Lawajama
  • Brass Band
  • Royal Welcome
  • Bagpiper Band
  • Dhol and Bhangra
  • Lights
  • Rajasthani Folk
  • Safa Bandhai
  • Shehnai
  • Vintage

For all sorts of royal weddings & Baraats, we provide beautifully crafted baggis & rath (chariots) for weddings. Enchantingly decorated baggi & rath- chariots are our specialty, which is carried by handsomely dressed professionals. We provide you the baggi- rath chariot with rajasthani dressed up a rider. We provide our clients with an exclusive collection of Wedding Baggis. There are many options to choose from- Orchid Flower Decorated Baggi, Wedding Chariots, Wedding Ghoris, Marriage Baggi, Wedding Baggi, And Ghori, and Special Baggis. As per the Indian traditions and customs, our services are known for their attractive & elegant designs and perfect themes. We can customize as per the requirements & themes of our clients.

We have with us a large selection of Special Wedding Baggi, which are specially designed for the grooms that give the most memorable experience of the special day. Designer Wedding Baggi offered by us make the entrance of the groom amazing and eye-catchy.

We specialize in catering to our clients with a new concept at weddings- Orchid Flower Decorated Baggi. These baggi are of good height, pure white Ghoris, and are fully decorated and we also customize this baggis as per the requirement. The baggis are in high demand as its subtle & royal appearance looks amazing and gives lasting impressions to the guests.

Thinking of a way to enter your wedding venue in style? We bring you some distinctive, super fun, some romantic – some crazy Wedding Entry concepts for you and your gang! If you’re aiming to do Swag Se Swagat for your cherished ones at your wedding, you’re simply in luck! Move the boring and mundane wedding entry concepts and build these moments fun-filled and unforgettable for your guests. Are you able to build your wedding entry sort of a show stopper? If affirmative then simply scroll all the way down to the choices and explore and build your wedding entrance to the most effective one!

So here are a number of the superb entries that you’ll be able to extremely wear at your wedding and build a haunting moment. We tend to prepare all types of innovative and inventive wedding entries for the groom from wedding horses to wedding cars for rent.

So it’s extremely necessary that you just build your special entries in wedding moments the most effective ones. Each moment ought to be superb as a result of its happening for the primary time and you wish to form it unforgettable so your guests conjointly can’t forget the moments. You ought to rejoice in basic cognitive processes the time.

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Baggi For Wedding

What’s a wedding devoid of the magnificence and lavishness of yesteryears? Overlook the cars and motorcades, turn up in style on a Ghori (perfectly well-behaved ones), or take your bride back home in style in a flower-adorned or lit baggi(Chariot) also known as Horse Baggi. A flower-garlanded Doli will not just become the talk of the town, but will definitely get your bride’s heart to flutter. A grand wedding is now about going all out with elephants and camels leading the way with jhoomer lights, Punjabi dhol, tasha, phul wali chata, shehnai, Rajasthani folk dancers, and fireworks enchanting all.

The majestic chariot (Baggi) is accessible for widespread occasions such as Baggi For Wedding, Ram-Leela, Shobha-Yatra, Independence Day, Celebrations, and an assortment of related occasions.

We have with us the best Baggi providers, offering a large selection of special wedding Baggis to choose from, which are specially designed with perfection for the grooms to have an amazing experience on their special day.