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Udaipur Corporate Event Management provides the best Wedding band, Lawazma With Brass Band, Shadi, Marriage Band, and The band group is as big as 150 musicians consisting of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, and play a range of instruments including, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, dhol & other traditional Indian style leather/fiber based rhythm instruments, and percussions. has the capacity of sending a band party of 11,21, 31, or 41 people, according to the requirements of its avid customers. In addition to the old and new melodies, Brass Band also amuses the listeners with classical music and other music, as per the taste of its customers and listeners.

The company with its expert team of performers has marched a long way since the time of its inception in this field. Be it a marriage ceremony, birthday celebration, wedding anniversary party, corporate party music, or any other entertaining event, Brass Bands is always at the forefront to elevate the moment to a special dimension.

Udaipur Corporate Event Management is one of the pioneering musical brands spreading its melody since 2008.
Our proprietor Udaipur Corporate Event Management is leading the industry with all the passion, hard work, and discipline to serve the clients at par.
The brand has more focus on recent trends by considering the importance of the ideal music choice of its customers. Encompassing the band market of the vicinity with all new ideas and innovations, be it an amazing musical band or the decorative light and lavajma which adds the charm of royalty to your function.

“Set the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration in Udaipur with the resounding beats and melodious tunes of our Baraat Brass Band! Elevate the festivities with the grandeur and charm of live brass music as the groom’s Baraat makes a magnificent entrance, leaving everyone in awe and high spirits.”

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“Our Baraat Brass Band comprises highly skilled musicians who are well-versed in the art of creating lively and enchanting melodies. Dressed in traditional attire, they add a touch of regal splendor to the wedding procession, infusing the atmosphere with joy, energy, and excitement.”

  • Grand Baraat Entrance: The Baraat Brass Band enhances the grandeur of the wedding procession, creating an enthralling ambiance as the groom and his family arrive at the wedding venue.
  • Melodious Brass Music: The resounding brass instruments fill the air with melodious tunes, uplifting the mood of the entire gathering and making the Baraat a memorable spectacle.
  • Interactive Experience: Guests can’t resist tapping their feet to the lively beats, joining in the festivities, and celebrating the union of two hearts.
  • Cultural Charm: The Baraat Brass Band brings a touch of cultural charm and tradition to the wedding, making it a truly authentic experience.

To complement the Baraat Brass Band experience, we can also offer:

  • Customized Music: We can play favorite songs or traditional wedding tunes to add a personal touch to the Baraat.
  • Brass Band Performance: Beyond the Baraat procession, our brass band can entertain guests during other wedding ceremonies or events.

Make a grand and unforgettable Baraat entry at your wedding in Udaipur with the mesmerizing melodies of our Baraat Brass Band. Contact us now to reserve this enchanting musical experience for your special day. Let the joyous beats and regal tunes of the brass band set the stage for a celebration filled with love, laughter, and everlasting memories. Embrace the cultural richness and elevate the grandeur of your wedding with our Baraat Brass Band!

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