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Welcome to the Vibrant World of Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth Stall in Udaipur!

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and add a touch of regal elegance to your event with our enchanting Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth Stall. Nestled in the heart of Udaipur, our stall is a gateway to a world of traditional Rajasthani attire and captivating backdrops that will transport you to the royal era.

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What We Offer:

  1. Rajasthani Costumes: Step into the shoes of Maharajas and Maharanis as you browse through our exquisite collection of Rajasthani dresses. From vibrant lehengas and bandhani sarees to majestic turbans and royal sherwanis, we have an array of authentic outfits that will make you feel like royalty.
  2. Professional Photography: Our skilled photographers will capture your regal transformation, ensuring that every pose reflects the grace and grandeur of Rajasthan. Get ready to strike a pose and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  3. Intricate Props and Accessories: To add a touch of finesse to your photos, we offer an assortment of Rajasthani-themed props and accessories. From intricately designed jewelry to ornate umbrellas and traditional musical instruments, each element exudes the essence of Rajasthan’s rich cultural tapestry.
  4. Customizable Backdrops: Transport yourself to iconic Rajasthani locations with our range of customizable backdrops. Whether it’s the majestic Udaipur City Palace, the romantic Lake Pichola, or the rustic streets of the old city, we have the perfect backdrop to complement your Rajasthani look.
  5. Fun for All: Our Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth Stall is suitable for guests of all ages. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or cultural festival, our stall promises an immersive experience that will leave everyone captivated.
  6. Professional Assistance: Our friendly staff will be at your service throughout the event, helping you with outfit selection, styling, and ensuring a seamless photo booth experience.

Why Choose Us:

At Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth Stall, we are passionate about preserving and showcasing the heritage of Rajasthan. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

So, if you’re seeking to infuse your event with the splendor of Rajasthan, our photo booth stall is the perfect addition. Step into the world of Rajasthani royalty, strike a pose and let the magic unfold.

Contact us now to book the Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth Stall for your upcoming event in Udaipur and make it an affair to remember!

(Note: You can also include practical details such as contact information, event packages, and any specific themes or customization options you offer in your photo booth stall.)

Rajasthani umbrellas – an Indian twist on your conventional umbrellas, these embroidered and colorful cotton umbrellas are more functional than just protecting you from the sun. Inspired by the wedding season, we came up with this list of some small and big ways to incorporate this little traditional piece into your special day. From multi-colored canopies to elegant wedding favors, read on to find your unique style.

Brightening up the corners

Apart from the main stage, grand entrance, and food counters, decorations are needed in every nook and corner to bring the entire venue together. What better and easier than a few quirky umbrellas just hanging out with some flowers? These umbrellas will not only make a great background for pictures but also give the much-needed relief from conventional décor props. Adding a touch of traditional Rajasthani embroidery to your colorful Mehndi function will make it a memorable one!

Hanging by the branches

If your Mehndi, Haldi or any other function is being held outdoors, you could let these colorful umbrellas hang by the branches of trees along with contrasting flowers and even lanterns. These props can literally be placed anywhere around a function to give it a pop of color. These easily-found and cheap umbrellas make the best props for even a DIY décor if you are hosting a function at home!

Let’s get clicking!

Photobooths – the new addition to modern-day weddings that are now expected at them all. But you need not break the bank to implement some special idea for your photo booth. These Rajasthani umbrellas come to the rescue yet again! Inspired by this set you could always decorate a rickshaw and auto with flowers and use a few umbrellas to amp it up. Alternatively, you can always leave a couple of these Rajasthani umbrellas around the booth as props.