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Magician in Udaipur, Jaipur – Magic Shows Organisers For Schools, Corporate Events

Udaipur Corporate Event Management, as a professional Event Management Company has left nothing untouched when it comes to music and entertainment even the Magic Shows with its bands of professional and renowned magicians for Corporate Launching, Corporate Parties, Promotion Events, Road Shows, Hotels, Birthday Parties, School Children, Marriages and Ceremonies and many other formal and informal magic shows for promotion and entertainment.

Udaipur Corporate Event Management makes magic shows a combination of invisible commercial promotion while entertaining the masses with its Mystery, Amusement, Gallery, Illusion, and Challenge which combined selected from the first letter of the complete word “MAGIC”.

As per the requirement of the clients, we are organizing the magic show event all over India based on different types of magic performances like stage illusions magic performed for large audiences; platform magic like night club magic, comedy club magic performed for a medium to a large audience; micro-magic which is usually applied for the performance where the audience is close to the magician.

The most popular type of this kind of magic show is one-on-one; Card manipulation, Coin magic, table magic, etc. Children’s magic for a birthday party audience; preschools, elementary schools, Sunday Schools, or libraries usually comedic in nature; Mathemagic – the combination of magic and mathematics; Corporate Magical Show or Trade Show Magic for the entertaining presentation of the products; Bizarre magic applies mystical, horror, fantasy and other like themes in performance; Shock magic is a genre of magic that shocks the audience, besides Indian traditional magic tricks like rope trick, the Indian basket, Green Mango Mystery, Indian Cups and Ball, Indian Flying Man, etc.

However, for magic shows in India, the clients have to inquire about the availability of particular magicians on that particular day or a couple of days.

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