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  • Pottery can be set up as an activity where kids will enjoy making different pottery.
  • The activity can be carried out for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Pots can be taken away as return gifts.

Things To Remember

  • Sufficient space to carry out this activity.

Pot Making is one of the fun and interesting activities to entertain guests of all age groups and mostly kids. Pot Maker molds the clay on a running wheel. All the guests will enjoy seeing this activity.

Requirements from Your End:
  • One chair
  • 1-2 feet height stage platform table (Chowki) (To put the wheel and display the pots)
  • Sufficient space (approx 8*8 ft) needs to be arranged from your side.

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“Add a touch of creativity and culture to your event in Udaipur with our mesmerizing Pot Making Live Stall! Watch as skilled artisans transform clay into beautiful pots right before your eyes, providing a captivating and interactive experience for all your guests.”

“Our Pot Making Live Stall showcases the age-old art of pottery, a craft deeply rooted in Udaipur’s heritage. The skilled potters will demonstrate their mastery, molding clay into elegant and functional pots using traditional techniques passed down through generations. It’s not just an entertainment spectacle; it’s an opportunity for your guests to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Udaipur.”

  • Live Artistry: Witness the magic unfold as the potters expertly shape the clay on a potter’s wheel, creating pots of various sizes and designs. The live demonstration adds an element of fascination and engagement to your event.
  • Interactive Experience: Guests can try their hand at pottery under the guidance of skilled artisans. This hands-on activity allows them to get a feel for the craft and create their small pot, fostering a sense of accomplishment and joy.
  • Unique Souvenirs: The pots created during the live stall can serve as personalized souvenirs for your guests to take home, reminding them of the memorable event and their artistic experience.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Udaipur’s pottery art has a rich history, and our Pot Making Live Stall offers a glimpse into the time-honored traditions of the region, giving your event a distinctive cultural touch.

To complement the Pot Making Live Stall experience, we can also offer:

  • Pottery Workshops: If you want to extend the creative experience, we can arrange pottery workshops where guests can learn various pottery techniques and create their unique masterpieces.
  • Pottery Display Gallery: Set up a gallery showcasing various pottery pieces, including both traditional and contemporary designs, adding an element of artistry and beauty to your event.

Make your Udaipur event an unforgettable affair with the mesmerizing Pot Making Live Stall. Contact us now to reserve this unique and culturally enriching experience for your upcoming occasion. Witness the transformation of clay into artistry and let your guests indulge in the joy of creating their pottery pieces. Embrace the heritage of Udaipur and let the magic of pottery leave a lasting impression on all who attend your event!