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Incentive Travel

Event management of incentive travel events that motivate your employees and customers. Incentive travel is an event category that targets to motivate both key personnel and customers. Imagine sunning yourself on a beach in Jamaica or snow skiing in the Alps. Then imagine that your trip is completely free. Many companies use incentive travel as a marketing tool. These trips can range from a week in an exotic location to a weekend getaway in a nearby resort.

Most of the time all of the expenses are paid by the company including food, hotel, airfare (or in some cases a rental car).

How to plan Incentive Travel Events

Learn how to plan incentive travel events: The incentives can be used in many ways:

Employee motivation
What better way to spur a lagging sales team than by offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii? If sales dramatically increase, the trip could be paid for by the proceeds.

Many companies don’t tell their employees that they plan to reward them for good work. What a wonderful surprise when after a great month or even year, the employee is told her or she has won a trip. This surprise could stir enthusiasm in other to perform better and hopefully win a trip of their own.

Customer loyalty
Customers come and go, but those that say are priceless. Many business owners choose to reward that loyalty with incentive travel. Sometimes this is a surprise after a customer has placed a large order. Sometimes the trip is planned in conjunction with an event, such as the World Series or the debut of a Broadway show.

Customer retention
Most businesses are competitive. If you don’t want your customers to take their business elsewhere, incentive travel is a great way to let them know they are appreciated.

So if you are a business owner who wants to motive employees and retain customers through an employee incentive program, how do you begin? Here are a few tips for planning perfect trips:

Research destinations. A tropical beach may seem like an obvious choice—unless you already live and work on the beach. Do you ever hear your employees or customers talking about where they would want to visit on a vacation? Do any of your employees or customers hobbies like golf or skiing? You may want to offer several destinations so that your employees or customers have a choice. Look for destinations that will highlight their interests and they will never forget.

Partner with a travel agency or other professional group to create a program. If you want to save on costs, consider trading service with the agency if that is possible. The program should include open-ended dates for travel, a choice of destinations and “extras.” Those extras could include tickets to attractions or dinner at an exclusive restaurant in the area.

If possible, visit the destinations yourself and stay at the hotel. Hotel brochures can be deceiving and that great room with a view maybe a room with a view of the back alley. Even if you didn’t know, your employees will blame you for their bad vacation.

Many business owners think that setting up a travel program is too much trouble and that the impact is minimal. They prefer to give cash or other gifts. But travel incentives have many advantages including:

Employees and customers will know that you care enough to take time to plan the event from them. This takes more effort than throwing cash at them.

Vacations create memories. Perhaps some of the beneficiaries have not had a vacation for several years. Or your incentive may have allowed them to visit a destination they had only dreamed of seeing. These memories are worth more to many people than money.

Finally, travel incentives are great public relations and morale boosters. Employees and customers will tell others about the trip you provided. You will be seen as someone who cares enough to take the time to plan a wonderful trip!

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