Chari Fire Dance Rajasthan India

Chari Dance
Chari Dance is performed to celebrate an old tradition in which women move many kilometers to collect the waters from small sources in desert areas. It is mostly performed in various events mostly marriage and birth of children.
Performers which include women wear colorful dresses, and traditional pieces of jewelry, and hold the Chari brass pots over their heads. These pots are lit with an oil lamp or oil-soaked cotton. The beauty of the dance is that no performer touches the lighted pots which are over their head and performs the movements in synchronized patterns over the floor. The darker ambiance and the movement of glowing light make it even more attractive.
The dance is combined with the instruments like Bankia, Harmonium, Dhol, Dholak, and Nagada.


One of the popular Rajasthani folk dances, Chari Dance portrays the art of collecting water in a pot or chari by the Rajasthani women. This famous dance form belongs to Kishangarh’s Gujjar community and women are only allowed to perform it. Brass pots are carried by the traditionally dressed performers on their heads balancing them to perfection and the pots are kept ignited. Chari Dance does not have any specific movements apart from balancing the pots on the performers’ heads. This dance is often performed on occasions like marriage, the birth of a male child, or any other big festival.

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Add an element of fiery excitement and traditional charm to your Udaipur wedding event with the enthralling Chari fire dancers! These skilled performers will mesmerize your guests with their breathtaking fire dance, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Let’s delve into the world of Chari fire dancers and why they are the perfect addition to your wedding festivities:

[The Spellbinding Chari Fire Dance]

  1. Ancient Rajasthani Tradition: The Chari fire dance is an ancient and captivating folk dance of Rajasthan, performed by skilled artists who carry flaming pots on their heads. Originating from the desert regions of Rajasthan, this dance form showcases the bravery and valor of Rajasthani women.
  2. Mesmerizing Fire Display: The Chari dancers gracefully balance pots filled with burning camphor or other flammable materials on their heads while elegantly performing intricate footwork and swirling movements. The flickering flames create a mesmerizing spectacle that enchants everyone present.
  3. Cultural Symbolism: The Chari fire dance symbolizes prosperity, purity, and the endurance of Rajasthan’s women, who carry water over long distances. Incorporating this dance into your wedding event represents the strength and determination of a bride as she embarks on her new journey.

[Enthralling Your Wedding Guests]

  1. Grand Reception: Welcome your guests in a magnificent fashion by featuring a captivating Chari fire dance performance at the entrance. The mesmerizing display of flames will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.
  2. Sangeet Night Highlight: Elevate your sangeet night to new heights by surprising your guests with a Chari fire dance act. The energetic performance will infuse the evening with excitement and cultural richness.
  3. Spectacular Bridal Entry: Make a grand bridal entry that your guests will talk about for years to come. The Chari fire dancers can lead the way, creating an awe-inspiring moment that sets the tone for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

[Arranging Chari Fire Dancers for Your Wedding]

  1. Professional Fire Dance Group: Engage a professional and experienced Chari fire dance group to ensure safe and mesmerizing performance. The dancers should be well-trained in handling fire with utmost caution.
  2. Safety Precautions: Work closely with the dance group and your event planner to ensure all necessary safety measures are in place. Provide a suitable performance area and have fire safety equipment on standby.
  3. Lighting and Venue Arrangements: Coordinate with your wedding planner to ensure that the venue’s lighting enhances the fiery spectacle of the Chari dancers. The right ambiance will add to the overall enchantment of the performance.

Create an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for your guests at your Udaipur wedding event with the mesmerizing Chari fire dancers. The combination of ancient tradition, fiery display, and cultural symbolism will make your wedding celebration truly unique and unforgettable. Embrace the spirit of Rajasthan with this captivating performance and make your wedding a cherished memory for all who attend.

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