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Rajasthani Stall Booths Theme (Meena Bazaar) includes services like Rajasthani Mehendi artist stalls in events, Caricature Artists, Tattoo artists, Jaipuri Juti stalls in events, Rajasthani Safa Turban, Famous Parrot Astrology, Palmists, Nail Artist, Bangle Maker stalls in events, Pot Maker stalls in events, Handicrafts Stall, Head Massage stalls in events, Rice Painting, Balloon Shooter, Kulhar Chaiwala stalls in events, Miniature Painting Stall, and kids carnival games on rent/hire in Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh ( MP ), Uttar Pradesh (UP) available.

Kids Related Stall or Activity or Carnival Game Activities:-

  • Kids Bowling Game
  • Kids Bioscopewala / Old Bioscope Stall
  • Kids Bouncy Castle / Kids Jumping Bouncy For Hire
  • Kids Slider For Hire / Kids Slide On Rent
  • Kids Choota Bhim, Doremon, etc. Live Cartoon Characters
  • Kids Trampoline To Hire / Trampoline On Rent
  • Kids Aim Dart Game To Hire/Rent
  • Balloon Shooter / Balloon Shooting Game On Hire/Rent
  • Kids Ring Toss Game to Hire/Rent

Kids Related Stall or Activity or Carnival Game Activities (2):-

  • Kids Shoot The Can Game On Rent/Hire
  • Kids Dart Game On Rent/Hire
  • Kids Ring The Bottle Game On Rent/Hire
  • Kids Break The Pyramid On Rent/Hire
  • Giant Jenga Game On Rent/Hire
  • Tic Tac Toe Game On Rent/Hire
  • Archery Game On Rent/Hire
  • Bowling Game Game On Rent/Hire
  • Angry Birds Game Game On Rent/Hire

Kids Related Stall or Activity or Carnival Game Activities (3):-

  • Ball The Basket Game On Rent/Hire
  • Bioscopewala Game On Rent/Hire
  • Rajasthani Puppet Show / Kathputli Show to Hire
  • Bouncy Game On Rent/Hire
  • Tempolin Game On Rent/Hire
  • Mini Pool Game On Rent/Hire
  • Kids Zone Game On Rent/Hire
  • Mascot Game On Rent/Hire
  • Children’s Car Game On Rent/Hire
  • Bull Ride Game On Rent/Hire
  • Ring The Point Game On Rent/Hire

Kids Related Stall or Activity or Carnival Game Activities (4):-

  • Changa Po Game On Rent/Hire
  • Snake And Leader Game On Rent/Hire
  • Pin Tha Boll Game On Rent/Hire
  • Chopad Game On Rent/Hire
  • Dart Baloon Game On Rent/Hire
  • Baloon Shooting Game On Rent/Hire
  • Ball Tha Glass Game On Rent/Hire
  • Ball Buffer Game On Rent/Hire
  • Soccer Game On Rent/Hire
  • Chess Game On Rent/Hire
  • Mini Golf Game On Rent/Hire

Rajasthani Theme Stalls:-

  • Rajasthani Turban Stall / Safa Bandhne Wala / Turban Tieing Services
  • Jaipuri Juti / Rajasthani Shoes (Juti/Mojri) / Mojri Jutti Wedding Stall
  • Rajasthani Bangle Makers (Bangle Making Demo) / Lakh Chudi Stall
  • Rajasthani Handicrafts item Stall
  • Hand Block Printing Live Demo (Dupatta, Rumal) Stall
  • Miniature Painting Stall
  • Live Magic Show

Rajasthani Theme Stalls (2):-

  • Jaipuri Bandhej Dupatta Stall For events
  • Live Ladies Bindi Stall / Tikki Stall
  • Scent Attar Wala (Itra) Stall
  • Live Demo Kumhar (Sand Pots) Pottery Making
  • Live Tattoo Making /Hire Tattoo Maker Artist
  • Rajasthani Churn (Khata) Stall
  • Live Digital Caricature Artist / Sketch Artist / Live Sketching for Events

Rajasthani Theme Stalls (3):-

  • Nail Paint Artist / Wedding Nail Art Stall
  • Astrologer/Jyotish/Palmist Pandit For Events
  • Tota Pandit / Parrot Astrology / Parrot Card Reader For Events
  • Tarot Card Reader (Male/Female)
  • Head Massage (Champi Stall) For Events
  • Rice Art (Name on Rice Grain) / Rice Painting
  • Kulhad Masala Chai Wala (Decorated Cycle) / Kulhad Chaiwala Stall / Masala Chaiwala Stall

Rajasthani Theme Stalls (4):-

  • Human Statue Artist / Hire Human Statues & Living Statues For Events
  • Photo Booth Props. and Decorated Rikshaw
  • Rajasthani Camel Ride / Camels On Rent For Weddings
  • Elephant Ride On Rent / Elephant Ride For Hire
  • Jaipur Mehndi Artist / Heena Girls
  • Glasses/ Goggles Stall

Rajasthani Mela / Fary Artists:-

  • Chana Jor Garam Artist
  • Rajasthani Rope Walk Artist / Trapeze Artists
  • Tight Rope & Slack Rope Entertainers
  • Bamboo Artist / Hire Stilt Walkers for Special Events
  • Fire Juggler Artist /Hire Fire Artists / Mouth Fire / Fire Eaters For Events
  • Rajasthani Artist showing his long mustache to entertain / Badi Mucho Wala Admi Artist
  • Sword/Bhala/Masal Man
  • Naubat Big Dhol / Big Drum For Welcome Events
  • Gong Man
  • Decorate Photo Booths
  • Dudhwala Artist / Milk Artist

Eatable Stalls:-

  • Rajasthani Churn Khata Stall
  • Pan Stall / Wedding Paan Wala
  • Gudiya Ke Ball / Candy Floss Stall
  • Popcorn Live Stall
  • Sweet Pop Corn Stall
  • Candy Bar Stall
  • Pani Puri Stall on Hire
  • Sugar Cane Juice  Stall
  • Ice Gola Wala / Chuski Stall For Events
  • Helium Balloons Stall


Traditional, intricate, and creative are the words that describe the designs that our mehendi walas and mehendi walis make on the hands and legs of our lovely patrons. Our certified natural henna artists with extensive experience are a pro with their art. Our mehndi designs are best known for their iconic style and our designs are flooded with structured, symmetric, meticulous designs. If you are looking for the best mehndi artist in Udaipur, Jaipur, we are the mehndi artist in Udaipur, Jaipur who can quench your thirst for all sorts of mehndi genres. Artists at Udaipur, Jaipur mehndi Artist, your mehndi artist near me, can work with a minimal, traditional, quirky, designer, Arabic, or the ones with portraits with sheer finesse.

The Mehandi ceremony is one of the most loved wedding ceremonies. The fun and frolic is inevitable as well as its relevance and presence are indispensable. A bride seems incomplete without a beautiful bridal mehendi design on her hands. Since her childhood, she dreams of this day and of how she is going to get her hands filled with ornate designs till her shoulders (almost) and how the darkness of the mehendi will determine the love of her groom for her. The mere thought of this can give butterflies in the stomach to any girl. To make this day more special and hassle-free, Udaipur Corporate Event Management, the best mehndi artist in Udaipur, Jaipur brings to you these beautiful guidelines on how you can make the most out of the bridal mehendi day.

Stall list for Any Event:- Carnival Theme, Mela Event, Birthday Anniversary, etc. Or let me know of your choice.
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